We welcome ALL watches in PART EXCHANGE against one of our watches from stock. To value your watch we will need as much detail as possible i.e. the make, model, model number, serial number if known, and FULL details about your watch. 

Your watch will be more valuable if this is complete with ORIGINAL BOX, Papers, Booklets etc. If you want to email us a picture (s) of your watch please do so to

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Additional services from Bond Street Watches


All servicing is carried out in the workshop, from coil winding to case refinishing and water resisance testing. All watches are stripped down completely for cleaning, genuine parts are always used if available.

Should you have a servicing requirement please contact us with the details of the timepiece and we will be happy to discuss the servicing options available to you.

Guarantee - ALL watches serviced are guaranteed for a FULL 12 months. Excluded from this is damage by misuse, e.g. damaged glass, hands, button stem, case, bracelet etc - rust, condensation or water penetration and electronic failure.

We service ALL main makes and have a list of watches we service on request, however we can service over 100+ makes of watch, and cannot think of a make we do not service 

Repairs and Restoration from Bond Street Watches   

We can offer you a FULL Repairs and Restoration for your watch collection

At Bond Street Watches we take pride in our quality restorations. From carriage clocks to Rolex, from verge pocket watches to Patek Philippe, all can be lovingly restored to their former glory. We ensure that as much of the original is preserved and is possible to maintain the originality and history of the piece.

Our Horologist has a precison lathe, grinding and polishing equipment and can even source and set missing stones from jewelled prices to the quality of the original.

For antique pieces we can grind new glass, polish existing glass, repair or replace exisiting mechanics and polish metallwork to restore former glory.

If you have a clock or watch that you would like restored, please contact us to discuss your requirements or email us at

We are always happy to discuss a possible project with you 

Normal lead times are 14 working days from receipt of watch

Antique watch repair services

Vintage and Antique wrist watches stop working dependably for many reasons.

Very often it is because the watch has become dirty and lubictaion has dried up. Rust in the movement or broken and damaged parts will inhibit the reliable functioning of your favourtie watch.

When this happens, parts are often need to be replaced along with the normal disassembly, thorough cleaning and calibration that is our standard procedure when restoring your timepiece back to it's previous efficiency.

Normal lead time for Vintage and Antique watch repairs is 21 days.